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Kissing is an amazing gift of human lifestyle.

  1. Drop a signal that you are interested in Kiss
    You can put some subtle signals that you are screaming for the kiss right out and without saying it. Here’s how to communicate romanticly:

    Get hold of the other person’s lips (in short).

    Do not purse your lips. Keep them split slowly – not so much that you can breathe comfortably through opening, but it is enough that you can easily cut lips down your bottom.

    Make your mouth attractive To make flattering lips smooth, use a chapstick or lipolos, and keep your breathing fresh with mints or spray. Avoid gum, if you go in for a kiss then you may have to spit freely.

  2. How to Kiss

    Break the kiss barrier (optional). If you are feeling brave, test the water with a little kiss on the hand or cheek. If the other person is interested, it is safe to move forward with a kiss on the face.
    If you are kissing a girl: take her hand and slowly lift it on your face. Slowly press your lips behind your arm before breaking away before 2 or 3 seconds.
    If you are kissing a boy: Kiss 2- or 3-second kiss on his cheek. Keep your lips soft, and if you are kissing a member of the family then avoid like you like. If you want your intentions to be extra clear, then target your lips part for the part of your lips.

  3. How to Kiss

    Set mood with romantic compliment. Grow up and pay the other person the honest praise you can think of. If you consider it right, then the other person can lead and lean to kiss you.
    Tell it in an intimate way. Minimize the volume and tone of your voice, and close your eyes. Not only does it communicate that you have deep feelings for this person, it inspires you to come close to listening.
    Focus on an attractive quality. Even if you really think that your date is a wonderful basketball player, then now it can not be the best time to bring it. Instead, look at your date as a romantic partner, base your appreciation on it. Try these lines:
    “You are so beautiful.”
    “Your eyes make me mad.”
    “I love to see you smile.”
    “I’m very fortunate to be with you now.”

  4. How to Kiss

    Consider asking for a kiss directly. If everything fails, then go to break and tell your intentions. If your date has not been raised on any signal and you are dying to lock the lips, then you can be straightforward and ask if you can kiss him or not. Do not worry, though – you can still be direct while being romantic and attractive. If you are in loss for words then try these phrases:
    “I do not want anything more than kiss you now.”
    “I’m sorry it’s too much, but I really want to kiss you.”
    “I want to kiss you so much that it’s just about killing me.”

  5. How to Kiss
    Go for the kiss. Do not waste any time you go ahead – shut your eyes, lean and blur! The next section will discuss some kissing techniques, as well as how to handle the different dating conditions such as kissing or kissing after kissing.

  6. How to Kiss
    How to Kiss

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