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Kissing Techniques

  1. Kissing Techniques

    Keep your lips soft. Tense is for those members of the family or people who are bound to kiss you, but keeping a little part of their mouth and transmitting the feeling of soft openness.

  2. Make some soft kisses
    Slowly start with soft, gentle kisses and leave tongue and teeth – for now. If your partner seems receptive, you can move forward in French kiss.
    Try to avoid smacking your lips. The noise can be distracted, and at this moment can break your immersion. If you are smacking yourself, you become slow and your lips run a bit more.
    Be the first light. Avoid breaking your lips from your date’s mouth – for now. Slowly and gradually kissing gives the possibility to stop another person if it is uncomfortable, as well as allowing you to measure your interest.

  3. Kissing Techniques
    Stay on a manageable level of saliva. Slobbery puppies are the last thing you think when thinking your date. Avoid this fate by swallowing extra saliva. If you see that your lips are slightly wet, then pull away and diligently purse them to bring extra spit in your mouth.

  4. Lip “lock”If your initial kisses have gone well, try a lip lock, which can be close kisses (and there is a good gateway to the French kiss). In fact, you will “pile” your lips so that (for example) looks like this:

    Your lower lip
    Your partner’s lower lips
    Your upper lip
    Upper lip of your partner
    First of all, it is the safest bet to keep your partner’s lower lip between yourself. Most people have large lips, making them easier to catch slowly with your lips.
    Image of the kiss step 10

  5. Kissing TechniquesBe sure to breathe. Ideally, you will be able to breathe slowly through your nose while kissing. If this is not possible, however, break for a second to breathe.
    Do not feel self-conscious about the need to get out of breath or take a break for another. The difficulty in breathing is an indication that you are nervous and excited, which your partner may get flattering.

  6. Kissing Techniques Use your hands. Do not let the two hands hang on your hands like fettuccini noodles – put them for good use!
    Keep your hands lightly around your partner’s shoulders or around his waist. (In Western culture, the girls usually put their hands on the shoulders of the boys, while they keep their hands around their waist.)
    Take your partner closer and take the intimacy to a rung.
    Put your hands on the sides of his face, use your thumb to fill the cheek grip, or put one hand under your chin and tilt it upwards.
    Another more sensual step is to keep both hands behind your partner’s head and drag them slowly into your hair.

  7. Kissing Techniques

    Test the tongue using the tongue. Once you have a lip in your pond with the lower lip of your partner between the two, then lightly move the tip of your tongue. If you can take it slowly, even better.
    See how your partner responds. If he presses near or gestures, then you are obvious to increase the intensity of kissing. If your date is gone, then perhaps it is best to pull the tongue back for now and to stay with the lip-only kiss.

  8. Kissing Techniques Try French kiss (optional). Using your tongue during a kiss, in Western culture, is known as the French kiss. Why get French credit? Who knows! Here’s how to get started:
    Sweep your tongue inside your partner’s lower lip. Try to move forward slowly and lightly, only the speed and pressure of the grow is only when your partner responds well.
    Slide the tip of your tongue inside your partner’s mouth and slowly move it against the tip of your tongue. Use light, darting speed and move your tongue forward – let it sit straight in the mouth of your partner, not attractive and will bring a quick end to the kiss.
    If your partner seems liable then try a deep and difficult stroke.

  9. Kissing Techniques mix it up. Do not feel bound to go deeper in the tongue activity forever. Optional soft and tough, slow and fast, deep and shallow. You can go back for only a few minutes to use your lips.
    Changing your technology will prevent your partner from being able to predict the future. Keeping this feeling of wonder and comfort helps your kisses to avoid hair.

  10. Kissing Techniques Slowly tilt your partner’s lips (optional). Teeth is not a necessary element of kissing, but grazing on your partner’s lips can present them another unpredictable element. Here are some quick points:
    Keep the light as light as possible. Remember that you are not aiming to cut.
    Walk slowly. Then, keeping your pace soft will help you to grip your partner’s lips.
    When your lips are closed, then place your teeth on the lower lip of your partner and slowly pull back until your teeth are almost at the end of the lips. Wait for a moment, then start the kiss again in general.
    Do not break the batter too much. They should be a relevant topic, not the main attraction.
    Be prepared for the rejection. Not everyone likes to kiss with teeth on their teeth. If your partner does not respond well, try not to be very angry – this is probably a matter of personal taste and not a mistake in your technique.

  11. Kissing Techniques Increase the intensity with the brakes sometimes. Take a moment away for a moment to see your partner’s eyes, some whispers in his ear, or just catch your breath and be amazed at your good fortune.
    Rather than putting a dipper on the action, these small moments can actually kiss more intimate. It gives your partner an understanding that you see him as a perfect man, and nothing to kiss.

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